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Welcome to the Swedish side of the Baltic Fashion Project

The fashion sector in the countries around the Baltic Sea has long textile traditions, and the challenge is how the fashion sector can grow in the future.  Sweden is represented by The Swedish School of Textiles with responsibility for the Innovation Network which will promote innovations in fashion. The Swedish school of Textiles is also the contact point for the activities within Sweden. Continuously we conduct national information about the fashion sector on this webpage. This is to simplify for everyone with the need of information and contacts e.g. fashion entrepreneurs, fashion organisations, subcontractors, designers, education etc. in Sweden and around the Baltic Sea.

Research will be made in order to clarify the level of innovation in fashion today and find out the potential of innovative fashion in all countries involved in the project: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Sweden. Researchers at The Swedish School of Textiles will identify the innovations that have been launched recently, analyze these and coordinate activities. Successively a lot of innovative fashion examples will be presented within the Fashion Innovation Digest: Examples on innovation activities,Baltic Fashion Project Topics and Organisation for innovation. Several innovation topics will be studied e.g. Concepts, Technologies, Materials and Business models. Each project partner will compile national information on innovation, successively, to the Baltic Fashion Innovation webpages.

Activities on various topics are held by partners. Sweden is responsible for two activities: "Smart Textile and wearable technology" and "The value of Tradition in fashion and clothes".
Smart Textile and wearable technology
Smart textiles represent the next generation of textile materials with extensive research activities on Europeans as well as national levels. In this study we investigate how these materials have been introduced in the fashion and clothing sector. The aim with this survey is to anticipate a future direction of wearable technology, smart textile and fashion and how we can get there. The survey is mainly directed towards European projects and activities in both an academic and a commercial context.
The value of tradition in fashion and clothes
How can we use traditional aestitics and values to design clothes for the future? What are the visible and hidden values? This research aims to find new skills and ways to work with design. Exchange of skills and competence through a collaboration between designers, product developers, Swedish producers, artists and designstudents. In what way can fashion/clothes express the values of Swedish culture and traditions? This work is aimed for people working with clothes-, fashion-, textile- as business or within education.How can we express new and traditional values through garments, to challenge the future and to find new ways to work with design that matters?

To meet the needs of Fashion Entrepreneurs
Research about the specific needs of fashion entrepreneurs will be conducted. In the end of the project, when the needs are identified some results will be tested in practice.
A pilot training will be held for entrepreneurs and students, to meet the future educational needs from the Fashion companies.

About the Swedish School of Textiles
The Swedish School of Textiles is considered one of Europe’s most interesting education and research arenas. It is the place where creativity and technology meet. What sets the Swedish School of Textiles apart from other textile schools is access to extra-ordinary technology as well as specially equipped laboratories and workshops, studios and sewing rooms. Research at the Swedish School of Textiles is carried out in the areas of textile materials, textile techniques, textile and apparel design, textile handicraft and finally textile and design management. Textiles and fashion are areas of research in which engineering science, design, business, management and handicraft meet in collaboration. Today, the Swedish School of Textiles have developed a multidisciplinary research environment where knowledge based on practical experience is combined with artistic development. Read more about The Swedish School of Textiles


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Mrs. Lena Berglin
Researcher regarding smart textile and wearable technology
Researcher in this project regarding "Smart Textile and wearable technology". Senior lecturer at the Swedish School of Textiles. Researcher in textile materials, smart textile and biocomposites.
Mrs. Pia Mouwitz
Project coordinator Sweden
Project coordinator in this project regarding "The Value of Tradition in fashion and clothes". Senior lecturer at the Swedish School of Textiles.
Mrs. Anita Radon
Researcher regarding the needs of Fashion SMEs
Researcher regarding the needs of Fashion SMEs and the aim is to study what is required to develop and strengthen Fashion business within the Baltic Region.
Postdoc in fashion management.
Mrs. Lisbeth Svengren Holm
Head of research in this project
Head of research in this project, with focus on the innovative fashion sector of the Baltic countries. Professor in Fashion and Design management.
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