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Welcome to the Estonian site of the Baltic Fashion Project

Who we are?
Business Support and Credit Management Foundation (Estonian acronym ESA) is founded Tallinn City government to provide services for young enterprises and to minimize their start-up risks. ESA has almost seven years of experience supporting and training SMEs from different sectors.
Two years ago Creative Incubator was opened, which is specialized only on SMEs of creative sector. This has given us information from creative industry about gaps of information and business skills which need to be filled. From this year, our focus is increasing export potential through offering support activities for creative entrepreneurs to start business abroad.
ESA is national contact point (NCP) of Estonia. NCP is established for sharing and collecting information about national experiences and knowledge and it into the Baltic Fashion Network.

Why Estonia? How can we help you?

The fashion sector in the countries around the Baltic Sea has long textile traditions, and the challenge is how the fashion sector can grow in the future.  Estonia has a long tradition of giving higher education for designers. Due to that, we have many good specialists and high quality garment production.
As one of the support structure in Estonia, ESA has cooperation contracts with other local support structures for SMEs, professional associations, universities, private companies, public sector and also wide contact network of local specialists. We have also contact network abroad to provide soft landing services and market researches.
Through our network you can find useful contacts to start or develop your business in Estonia.

Project partner ARTUN
The Estonian Academy of Arts (ARTUN) is the only university in Estonia providing education in art, design, architecture and art culture at three levels of higher education which unites innovative studies, creative work, research and development at the highest level of the fields of visual culture shaping the living environment. The activities of the university have a direct and significant impact on the development of Estonian society and culture.


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Mrs. Helen Piir
Helen is project coordinator and also responsible for Estonian NCP

Mr. Liivi Kumari
Liivi is responsible for activities and different events in project

Mr. Urmas Reikop
Urmas is responsible for collecting data for project database and all other researches in project 

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