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To make clothes that matter

- from tradition to new design aesthetics


Many years of fast consumption of fashion and clothing, have enforced us to search for new solutions. To capture a new design perspective, we need to understand the values of clothes. The project "To make clothes that matter" is focused on design aesthetics in order to communicate selected values through garments.


The aim of this project is to look at how we can design valuable clothes. How can we challenge old and new values of clothing? To gain a new perspective on design, we need to understand the value of clothes, visible through expression or hidden values. Knowing more about values can help us to understand the way we want our garments to be perceived and used, to design and make clothes that matters. The modules will deal with the value of expression, tradition and techniques. Participants from both fashion companies and academies, with experience from different fields of fashion, textile, art etc. will exchange their knowledge and create pieces for an exhibition.


Report, modules and visual material will follow in fall 2013.



Pia Mouwitz - Senior Lecturer Fashion Design


The Swedish School of Textiles, Boras, Sweden

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To make clothes that matter

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