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Workshop "Introduction to service design"

Service design takes user-centeredness further by not only involving customers in the design process but designing with them. Co-creation is more than participatory design.
The following is an example of a 1-day workshop targeted to fashion SMEs that are already in business.
The starting point is the existing business concept.

Service design is based on design thinking.
Design thinking is not an established set of methods but rather a solution-driven approach to product and service development that exploits creative thinking, visualization and, above all, curiosity
it is based on divergent thinking, where each problem has multiple solutions instead of one.

The schedule:
1. The basics in the Service design
2. Breaking the ice: The Tree of Emotions
3. Getting to know the client: Persona and Scenario
4. Understanding the process: Blueprint
5. Wrapping it up: The synthesis

The workshop is a collaborative process which results in a “living” document that the participants feel they own.

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