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Training module
Textiles for public spaces was a project by the Estonian Academy of Arts, aiming at introducing textiles as a material in public spaces. The training module gives an overview on the structure and work of Textiles for public spaces as well as some inspiration on how to transfer the concept on other public spaces.
The course is based on the concept of public space. A public space is a social space open and accessible to all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age or socio-economic level.
Object in public spaces, such as buildings, streets, signs, lampposts, benches, flowers are designed professionally to enable interaction and organize public life.
Various disciplines such as architecture, design and urban planning are involved in the creation of public spaces and their task is to find solutions that match people’s expectations about public spaces and the objects found there.
By using different design methods and textile materials we explored how and extended use of textile materials could improve functional as well aesthetic values in a public space.


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