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   Within the Baltic Fashion project we have explored selected innovative topics through various activities within the fashion and textile industry.



Textiles for Public Spaces



The aim of this workshop was to introduce textiles as a material in public spaces. Objects used in public spaces not only fulfill purposes but can beautify the environment. Those objects are usually immobile and consist out of robust materials. But how can you dress a public space in order to make it more attractive? By using different design methods and textile materials, textile design and architecture students of the Estonian Academy of Arts explored how the use of textile materials could improve functional as well aesthetic values in a public space.



Team "Layer" by Katre Piho, Anni Haldre, Hans-Peter Isand, Tatjana Kuusik


Team "New skin" by Stella Kalkun and Kristel Laurits


Team "No strings attached" by Signe Aasoja, Katrin Trumm, Anna Porjadina, Inna Beinar



The course resulted in a design concept visualized as material samples and designed object in full scale. In the end, the participants used waste from different companies, as for example carpets which are commonly used for car interior. The well-attended project opening was held on June 15th 2012 at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design whose courtyard was covered with experimental outdoor textiles. With the project ending, the so-called chairs, "PUNUD," found their new home in an Estonian school for children with disabilities.

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