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    These design concepts are innovations as they have been applied successfully on the market. Some fashion designers experiment with new
    digital technologies to integrate electronic components into the garments, which we refer to as wearable technology. Others test new materials
    that make the clothing durable and attractive, worn longer and thereby more sustainable.

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Textiles for public spaces
A project by the Estonian Academy of Arts

Textiles for public spaces was a project by the Estonian Academy of Arts, based on the concept of public space. The project aimed at introducing textiles as a material in public spaces. During the workshop by the Textile Design department of the Estonian Academy of Arts decorative textile sculptures have been developed, making public space more liveable.

The project was supervised by PhD Lena Berglin (The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås) and Professor Mare Kelpman (EAA department of Textile Design). Supervisors of the final project are Professor Mare Kelpman and Mariliis Soobard. Textile design and architecture students of EAA were involved in the project. Final version was developed and carried out by Katre Piho, Tatjana Kuusik, Anni Haldre, Kristel Laurits and Hans-Peter Isand.



The idea of this section is to give examples of innovations, all to be found within fashion and textile companies around the Baltic Sea.
This section presents example innovative CONCEPTS with special relevance for small and micro enterprises.

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