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    These design concepts are innovations as they have been applied successfully on the market. Some fashion designers experiment with new
    digital technologies to integrate electronic components into the garments, which we refer to as wearable technology. Others test new materials
    that make the clothing durable and attractive, worn longer and thereby more sustainable.

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Fashion Empowerment
Social design

FASHION EMPOWERMENT was a project within the EU project Baltic Fashion as part of Baltic Sea Region Programme.
By the Novia University of Applied Sciences & the Estonian Academy of Arts design students tried to find out - can fashion empower? Six highly enthusiastic teams worked with different target groups to open a new, socially sustainable perspective to clothing design.

Finnish Teams

Team Textural Visions by Henrica, Marta and Ilona
Target group: Visually challenged people
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Team Root System by Anna, Maria and Karl
Target: Helpful underwear to stimulate the mind
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Team Tigusnigel by Anna, Julia and Zarah
Target group: Homeless people
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Estonian Teams

Team Happycap by Sille, Ester and Nina
Target group: Women and men with physical disabilities.
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Team Kim Wheel by Kairiin, Mari and Jenny
Target focus: Wheelchair users
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Team Simple-Maths by Miina, Britta, Anu and Liisa
Target: Women going through maternity
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Here you find more information on FASHION EMPOWERMENT.


The idea of this section is to give examples of innovations, all to be found within fashion and textile companies around the Baltic Sea.
This section presents example innovative CONCEPTS with special relevance for small and micro enterprises.

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